Hi there, I'm Jeroen Elings, a "hobby" photographer that does stuff differently…

At this moment I am 31 years old (born in 1984), I work at Enexis (a regional network operator for gas and electricity) as an Engineer. I love to spend my spare time with my amazing girlfriend, drink some beers and… you guessed it; take photos.

I started taking pictures after I worked in a photo store for about 4 years. First of my friends at parties and vacations, later some nature stuff and local events. I played paintball for a couple of years and sometime later I started to combine the two; “Go Beyond Paintball” was born. After about a year when my team quitted, I was contacted by team Amsterdam Sabotage to make pictures for them and later run the team. I’ve been pretty much to all Millennium Series events since 2008 (30+ events) and did an bunch of other national and international tournaments (NPL, DPL, XPSL, BPL and CPS).

Now I have some time left in my schedule to expend my horizon and do other work. I would love it to come in contact with you and see how I can capture you in an unique way. Also when you run an event, I am your guy; I like to translate the energy and atmosphere into my photos and bring that across to your audience. Check out the home page to see some examples of my pictures.

Please contact me if you have any questions, like me on Facebook to keep up with my work and of course I am on Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

Best Regards,

- Jeroen